Celebrating the amazing mum in your life should be a daily ritual (she would definitely agree). With Mother's Day just around the corner, we've got your go-to shopping guide, to make her not only feel extra special on the day, but for every day for the rest of the year.

From pampering beauty must-haves to items she can use around the home, check out our favourite Norwex gifts ahead of Mother's Day. 

1. Let's start with the Norwex Lysere Collection! The range features four products that are guaranteed to take her skin to the next level with pure moisturisation and will create a ultra pampering experience. The Lysere Iluminating Oil is rich in antioxidants and when applied, it feels like a light layer of moisture that your skin will lap up. It can be used every day, with your normal skin routine.

One of our favourite products that goes hand in hand with the Iluminating Oil is the Lysere Daily Face Moisture. With antioxidant-rich ingredients including Bilberry, Red Algae, Black Oat and Lingonberry, the Lysere Daily Face Moisture guards against skin stressors. The silky formula is non-greasy, has nourishing moisturisation and helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines for healthy-looking skin. 

Many ladies love a night cream and our Lysere Night Recovery Cream ticks all of the boxes. Enriched with Purple Coneflower, Blueberry Extract and Nordic this cream revives fatigued skin night-after-night when skin is in its rest-and-repair cycle. 

The final product in the range is the Lysere Renewing Eye Cream, that helps to fight the appearance of 'tired eyes', for a more rested-looking appearance. This product features Matcha Green Tea, Arabica Coffee Seed Oil and Ginkgo Biloba to help soothe puffy eyes.  

2. Give the gift of comfort and practicality with our Limited Edition Spa Robe. Mum will love how soft this spa robe is as well as how quickly it dries, often replacing the need for a towel. Why not organise a Spa Robe and Lysere Collection for a combined seriously special experience. *While stocks last.


3. Not all mums want to be pampered, some would love handy items to have around the home or to use for fun outdoor activities. That brings us to the Norwex Limited Edition Autumn items, guaranteed to have mum smiling...even just at the colours. This collection features our famous Norwex Window Cloth, Travel Bag Set, Sustainable Dining Options, Beach Towel with Carrying Pouch and Fluff, and Tumble Dryer Balls with Citrus Design. Mum will love the Sustainable Dining Options for weekend adventures, whether that be for a relaxing beachside or park picnic. She will also love the ease of having a travel bag set, allowing her to hold and clean her eyewear, store cosmetics, sunscreen and sanitiser. If she hasn't yet tried our Window Cloth that might just make her Mother's Day.

Speak to your local Consultant on how you can purchase these items just in time for Mother's Day.