On Tuesday 23 June 2020, Norwex Australia New Zealand won the inaugural Custodian Award for Sustainability presented by the country’s leading representative body for retail direct selling, Direct Selling Australia (DSA). Norwex is the recipient of this award for dedicating themselves to a high standard of excellence in embracing sustainability throughout its business.

The DSA awards recognise achievements in the direct selling channel by Member companies who are transforming the lives of those seeking flexible and meaningful ways to earn additional income. The Award winners were announced during the first-ever virtual Industry Awards ceremony, attended by industry leaders and peers.

“The DSA Industry Awards are designed to identify and celebrate innovation within the industry. It is a great opportunity for the Association to recognise the outstanding efforts member companies have implemented throughout the year and particularly over the last few months when many, have had to reinvent themselves,” said Gill Stapleton, CEO of DSA.

Norwex Australia New Zealand are committed every day to achieve a high level of excellence in embracing sustainability. Sustainable practices and products are what make up the backbone of this company.

Their mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. This is done through the use of microfibre made from recycled material, packaging made from plastics which were destined for our oceans, placing sea bins in waterways to remove plastic waste, and recycling our microfibre when it is at the end of its product life cycle.

“It was clear that Norwex’s commitment to recycling and sustainability drives every aspect of their business - from the recurrent use and recyclability of the product itself to their packaging,” shared Bill Duncan, Life Member of DSA.

“On behalf of DSA, I would like to congratulate long-standing Member, Norwex for their outstanding achievement”, said Gill.

About Direct Selling Australia

Direct Selling Australia (DSA) has been the leading representative body for direct selling in Australian retail for more than 50 years, representing and supporting organisations that manufacture and distribute their goods and services directly to consumers. Members, currently more than 50 direct selling companies, are committed to our Code of Practice which promotes high standards of consumer protection, professionalism and ethics. For more information visit www.directselling.org.au.

In Australia the direct selling population consists of:

* 418,000 individuals involved with direct selling organisations.

* Direct Selling Australia members comprised over $1.25 billion in retail sales.

* Women account for 79% of the direct selling sales force.

* DSA represents 70% of the direct selling channel.

* Top 3 motivators for joining a direct selling company are flexibility, potential income and social aspect.