Optic Cloth

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This pocket-sized microfibre cloth is specially designed for removing greasy fingerprints, oil, dust and dirt, lint and grime from small surfaces. The tight weave of the Optic Cloth minimises the cloth’s ability to hold dust that could scratch.

20cm x 18cm 


Glasses, CDs and camera lenses all work better when light is perfectly reflected or absorbed evenly without distortion. And the more light that passes through a glass object, the cleaner that object needs to be. But when surfaces become smudged or dirty, the light can’t pass through as well. And using the wrong cloth to clean such delicate surfaces can easily result in a scratch.


Use the Optic Cloth to clean reading glasses, sunglasses, lenses of all types, computer and mobile phone screens, e-readers, tablets, PDAs, CDs, DVDs, LCD panels and other smooth surfaces without smudging or scratching.

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