Ergonomic Toilet Brush and Holder

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Constructed of durable ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR), with an antibacterial agent to help suppress the growth of bacteria and mould to protect the brush, the Ergonomic Toilet Brush thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl without scratching the surface. The cylindrical-shaped head reaches into the trap, while the extension is specially designed for thorough cleaning under the rim. The plastic handle has an ergonomically designed grip with a touch of rubber for a comfortable and easy hold. The brush head is designed for use on both sides of the brush so you don’t need to flip it to complete your cleaning task. After rinsing, store the Toilet Brush in its caddy, where it air dries quickly just above the caddy’s base.

Size: 13.4cm x 44.1cm


Nylon toilet brushes can accumulate bacteria, which can potentially spread to other items in the bathroom. Bristle tips will also begin to fray and soften, which takes away the ability to effectively sanitise the bowl and remove bacteria. Metal brushes can rust and scratch, and can be difficult to clean well under the rim.


The Norwex Ergonomic Toilet Brush rinses completely clean with only water. The rubber bristles will not scratch or rust over time, which means a cleaner, longer-lasting brush. And the special rim extension is designed to clean the hard-to-reach area under the rim, quickly and easily.